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Temp services

Temp services are also referred as working as temporary or some people also see them as working while you are not doing anything or you just want to make some extra bucks. Here we are going to talk about working with TES where you will be hired according to your skills, and we will give wage according to your requirement and salary vary from position to position. Opinions vary as their salaries vary and the fees start from $15.39 to $21.24 per hour, based upon skill level, experience in the field, and assignments available. Most of the positions which are offered are full-time on Mondays, through Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, although part-time positions are sometimes available.

Duties which are offered at Temp Services:

  • Receptionist: Answer phones, respond to emails, and greet guests.
    • Photocopy, file, and scan sensitive departmental documents.
    • Scheduling necessary appointments and managing shared calendars.
    • Heavy data entry and maintaining spreadsheets.
    • Receive and distribute mail.
    • Maintain and order office supplies.
    • Customer service.
    • Other duties or special projects as assigned.


Things which are most important one of them are very exceptional communication skills which mean that you’re English must be perfect, and you must be good in communicating with new people as you have to deal with them. So make sure that you have a complete grip on the particular language which is required to deliver. You should have excellent skills while dealing with different people who belong from different races as they may b in the good mode or not, so it’s your duty to deal with them and find their temper with the best solutions. You must have the ability to deal with people on the face as well as dealing with people over the phone. As you know you are going to work over to the computer, you must have the knowledge about the famous and most important programs which are used to run any business over the computer or any business which is dependent on the computer. These important programs are MS Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer, Adobe Acrobat, and various email, database and desktop publishing programs. To be success In any business everyone knows, in the beginning, you have to face a lot of problems same as it goes in this case you have to deal with tight calendars and complicated timetables as you are going to manage different meeting and appointments with various clients. So everything is going to be on your shoulders so make sure you pay complete interest and work with full devotion to be successful in that particular field. Make sure that you have the capability to function without any help or ensure that you are going to work with the less supervision because remember not always will be there someone who will guide you, you have to make your way, and you must be able to do things without any problem. You must be capable of making decisions on your own as one day you are going to be the boss of your department so make sure that you work with full denotation and work with complete honesty and sincerity.

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