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Temp Agencies Jobs & Information

Temp Agencies

Temp Agencies stands for temporary employment agencies. These agencies are responsible for providing short term contract based jobs or work in other words. In these companies jobs are provided according to limited period according to particular defined purpose of the organization. Following names are used as temporary agencies in history “seasonal,” “occasional,” “interval” and “contractual, ” and in a modern era, temporary employment providing companies are called “temp” in simple words. Temporary agencies provide a surface between employee and employer; it helps the business to find a right person for right place or right job. According to history, a guy named Henry Robinson an English seller and writer present the idea of limited time-based Agencies, for the sake of providing a surface between employers and workers. But in result Parliament of England who was known as British Parliament that time rejected his idea, for the year of 1965. But Henry tries to implement his plan, and in the result, his business didn’t grow well and short-lived in other words. In agencies worker has to choose that he want to work full time or part time, both facilities are available and on choice. The primary purpose of these bodies is to provide or polish high-skilled workers like in the field of law, marketing, human resources, accountancy, purchasing or selling department and so on. These agencies provide some top rate facilities for other multi or international organizations to pick a worker without giving extra allowances. Like health insurance, loss cost salary and so on. All other followed idea of Henry in developing countries. Temporary jobs providing platforms reveal all professional skills in an employee which helps the selectors to chose a career of their required skills holder and how to use there all skills for which is to their best advantage. With the marks sheet of these agencies, an employer feels relaxation in selecting his required power worker quickly which is a good time-saving technique for the company.

Origin of Temp Agencies

In Australia

The bill of private employment agencies passed for the year of 1946 with the name of Common Wealth Employment service.

In the United Kingdom

In the early 80s a man named Sir “John Gabbitas” firstly introduce the idea of temporary agencies and made and provided teachers for public schools in England. The first temp agency is established for the year of 1871 by a man named “Alsager Hy Hill” in London. With the name of “Job Center Plus” according to Labor Exchanges Act 1909.

In the United States of America

According to authentic sources, My Job Careers very first contract based job providing agency is opened by a man named Fred Winslow in the field of engineering for the year of 1891.In the USA “Wanger Peyser” give an idea of contract and limited time-based job providing agencies for the year of 1933. With the law of Workforce Investment Act of 1988, in current age from the year of 2004 to 2006, these years were boom or peaked period for temporary employment providing agencies. In these two years, these companies generated $200 Million revenue. On the other hand, every rise has fallen, because of “US Dept Labor Law.”

 Job Providing Departments

Following departments, skilled job workers are provided by limited jobs providing agencies.

  • Human Resources Department
  • Marketing Department
  • Selling & Purchasing Department
  • Production Department
  • Accounting & Finance Department
  • Research & Development Department

List of Top Five Agencies in World

  • Kelly Services which owns more than 2 Million workers all around the globe in the supervision of” Carl Camden.”
  • KNF&T following company started their services for the year of 1983 and provided approximately 1.5 Million workers with the majority of women staff. With CEO named “Beth Tucker.”
  • Randstad Company owned 1 Million workers in more than 40 forty countries around the globe with mentoring of CEO “Linda Galipeau.” This company also supports many other charities and donation parties, which increase its company’s good will too.
  • Adecco this companies owns an age of more the 48 years in a field of temporary employment providing under the supervision of CEO “Bob Crouch.” This company is in more than 60 countries and holder of 89,000 workers all over the world.
  • Aerotek established for the year of 1890 contains a large number of employees around the globe of earth in Supervisions of CEO Todd Mohr.

Benefits & Functions of Temporary Agencies

Benefits and features of Temporary Agencies are following

  • An employer can increase his productions by utilizing contract based employees from temporary jobs providing companies.
  • These Agencies saves the time of employer in the sense of reading a large number of applications and organizing interview sessions.
  • Temporary Jobs Providing Agencies helps in the sense of providing quick substitutes for an employee.
  • An employer can quickly increase his work force by picking an hourly wage worker from Temp Agencies.



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