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Flight Attendant Jobs 2017 Apply now

Flight attendant jobs

Flight attendant jobs are the jobs to provide personal services to ensure the safety and comfort of airlines passengers. Airlines are required by law to provide the attendant for the security of the passenger, and flight attendant also tries to make the trip enjoyable and comfortable for the rider. They also taught the passenger about evacuation procedure, condition, fligtriplength, condition, the cabins clean and to must ensure that emergency equipment is working or not. Before the plane takes off, flight attendant instructs all passenger on the use of safety equipment. They also ensure that the seatbelt is fastened, seats are locked in upright position.

Responsibilities of Flight attendant

  1. They provide information, guidance, and help with care and ease to passengers on panel airplane
  2. Behaviorsecuritycheckedearlieraircraft
  3. Greet customers, check their tickets and guide them to their seats
  4. Prepare and serve drinks and food to passengers
  5. Present emergency equipment and give instructions
  6. Monitor and secure the cabin regularly
  7. Comply with all rules and regulations for safety and protection
  8. Handle all the passengers and cabin crew during emergency situations
  9. Provide special help to passengers with disabilities (children, disabled persons, elders

Flight attendant uniform

All the airline have their policies. The suit is necessary for all the airline every airline have their uniform, but the best one is emirate airline flight attendant uniform.

Flight attendant salary

The flight attendant salary by annually

Percentile Salary
10th percentile flight attendant $43,900
25th percentile flight attendant $47,670
50th percentile flight attendant $70,845
75th percentile flight attendant $89,420
90th percentile flight attendant $104,837

The flight attendant salary by hourly

Percentile Salary
10th percentile flight attendant $30-20
25th percentile flight attendant $30-40
50th percentile flight attendant $40-50
75th percentile flight attendant $50-60
90th percentile flight attendant $70

Advantages and disadvantages of Flight attendant

Similar as any other jobs in the sphere, existence a cottage team has also compensations and difficulties. Aeronauticalassociateddecided that the finest benefits are portable for allowed, 90% reduction on a hotel, event discount, free tickets to an event, having the opportunity to experience the local life during traveling. The disadvantages are the erratic and unexpected changing of schedule due to certain reasons. The misconception of the flight attendant is another disadvantage because the passenger thinks that they can ask the cabin crews to do anything whereas flight attendants are there for safety purposes in the first place. Flight attendants are not just a person who is serving a hot meal. Flight attendants are a doctor, a firefighter, a single being who container income upkeep of the travelers though they are at 40000ft in the midair. The MAI depressed lateral of this job is away from friends and family for an extended period of time.

Condition of appearances for Flight attendant

  1. Hairstyle: NO latest radical style cut and stick with conservative or professional styles, no unnatural hair color
  2. Hair Length: Above shoulder length, or at the collar.
  3. Jewelry: No big dangling necklaces, no trinkets with bells. One ring on each hand.
  4. Wristwatches: Accepted, don’t try for the latest pop-princess white watch with an enormous band.
  5. Makeup: simple eyeliner, brushes and natural tones only.
  6. Piercings: Not allowed. Only the little studs in the ears are allowed.

Requirement for the flight attendant jobs

  1. Proven working experience as flight attendant or customer service experience
  2. Fluency in English or five more languages
  3. Excellent communication and presentation skills
  4. Problem-solving skills and ability to handle stressful situations
  5. Cabin crew certification or training


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