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Airport Jobs 2017 Apply now

Airport Jobs 2017 Apply now

Airport jobs opportunities are many types such as the sales agent at the ticket counter, to the flight attendant, air traffic controller, aircraft maintenance, airport security, baggage handler and this all ends up to pilots, there are also many types of pilot’s airline jobs. For the pilot airline jobs have some significant training requirement. If you are willing to apply for airline jobs, then request a pilot because it has the opportunities for advancement in most aviation industry employment and the possibility to transfer to the other location.

Types of work jobs

There are many different options in the airline industry. If you have to work with people, you have plenties of opportunities as a ticket agent or flight attendant. Flight attendants help people to get situated on the airline, explain procedures for emergencies. They also serve food, help enforce policies, and more.

  1. Career opportunity for different airlines
Job Title Organization Job Function Job Destination
Senior cargo sales &services executive  

Qatar airways





TS junior engineer/system engineer  


Qatar airways


Information Technology


Middle East /Qatar/Doha

Manager airline services operation Qatar aircraft catering company Catering food & beverages Middle East/Qatar/Doha
Senior sales support agent Qatar airways Commercial Africa /South Africa/Johannesburg

Qatar Airlines


Emirates Airlines

Job Title Job Function Job Destination
Cabin Crew Air hostess Dubai
Senior pilot/ junior pilot plane officer Dubai
Security Group Plane safety Dubai
Information technology Software engineer Dubai
Medical services Doctor Dubai

Flight Attendant Jobs

The primary responsibilities of flight attendants are to make sure that passengers are safe.They must provide excellent customer services. Flight attendants make up almost 20 percent of the 515,000 employees that comprise the aviation workforce. Do you love to travel? Then job might be for you!

Airline Administrative Support

Every airline needs an administrative support staff to keep it running smoothly. This position includes secretaries, data entry workers, receptionists, communications and the human resource department worker who can handle the hiring, labor relations, google training, and working employees.

Airport Navigation system

The airport navigation system has been developGooglemap to provide good navigation for any airline. The basic principle of air navigation are identical which include the process of planning, recording and controlling the movement of craft from one place to another.

The best Airport Jobs

The best airport vacancies is in USA, UAE and UK. The world most visiting city is Dubai, it has the best customer service airline the “Emirates”. This airline has the best services in the world, that’s why the job of Dubai airport is the most excellent job opportunity for people in the world. Many people apply every year for the job of Dubai airport.

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